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"Atmospheric - Floydian -Cinematic"

DEEP IMAGINATION from Frankfurt/Germany is a project of the musician, composer and producer Thorsten Sudler-Mainz. Since 2004, the Munich label BSC Music/Prudence has been releasing his productions, which are characterized by electronic music and artrock. In the period until 2019, four albums and six EPs/Singles from DEEP IMAGINATION were released.

His athmospheric sound is often compared to Pink Floyd. For example, the Side-Line Music Magazine wrote about the current album "Carefully Kept Secrets": "This opus moves on exploring a psychedelic electro-rock universe, which sometimes appears to be the natural child of Pink Floyd and Enigma."

Thorsten Sudler-Mainz, once the founder of "Art Of Infinity", has based the current releases on the essence of his entire musical experience. Medially he transports the music of DEEP IMAGINATION with lovingly made video clips, in which he performs together with his guest musicians such as singer Ann Kareen Mainz and guitarist G√ľnter Kaufmann.