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"Carefully Kept Secrets" from the current album on "Pink Flow". (21.06.2019)

"A bewitching brew of ethereal goth and tribal-ambient soundscapes!" (04.06.2019)

The new single "Temple In Nowhere" on number 24. (02.05.2019)

Die neue Single von DEEP IMAGINATION

Enchanting world of artpop, gothic and ambient. (29.03.2019)


"Temple In Nowhere" out on March 29th 2019 (19.01.2019)

New music by DEEP IMAGINATION in work | Press comments | Top 3 videos (12.08.2018)

1 album - 3 EPs - 7 videos - A retrospective by Udo Herrmann. (11.04.2018)

"I love the studio work and the creative process" (09.04.2018)

Fifth EP by DEEP IMAGINATION released by BSC Music. New video "Wings To Fly" is online. (09.03.2018)

New 4-track EP by DEEP IMAGINATION. (30.01.2018)