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DEEP IMAGINATION with four tracks on new compilation from Prudence Records. (27.05.2022)

Single Edit of "Burning Sun" from the 2020 album "My Silent Celebration" appears on 24.06.2022. (25.04.2022)

Award with "Coming From The Cold" by DEEP IMAGINATION. (12.03.2022)

Compact version of the most played track rleased. (11.02.2022)

Shooting "Canaria", the latest photos by DEEP IMAGINATION. (09.02.2022)

Release 11.02.2022 (04.02.2022)

"An ethereal chillout mix inspired by myth & fantasy!" | New single edit coming 02-2022 (12.12.2021)

New music for DEEP IMAGINATION in progress. (24.11.2021)

DEEP IMAGINATION mastermind Thorsten Sudler-Mainz talks about creativity, melancholy and the new album. (08.06.2021)

DEEP IMAGINATION releases "Coming From The Cold". (21.05.2021)