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New video and photo series "Coming From The Cold" are out now. (10.04.2021)

DEEP IMAGINATION mastermind Thorsten Sudler-Mainz talks about the 80s, Art Of Infinity and the new album. (04.03.2021)


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Thanks to all who listen to and support the music of DEEP IMAGINATION. (01.03.2021)

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"When electronic beauty and epic, sometimes dark and progressive rock sounds unite, the music lover finds himself with DEEP IMAGINATION." (21.02.2021)…

The press reviews of "My Silent Celebration" range from "surprisingly strong" to "his best work to date". (21.02.2021)

The Sonic Seducer is considered the most popular magazine of the alternative and black scene in Germany. (29.01.2020)

Track "Be On Mars" will also be released in the internet in 2021. (30.12.2020)

Thorsten Sudler-Mainz talks about "My Silent Celebration". (27.12.2020)

Longtrack by DEEP IMAGINATION as an opener on CD-Sampler. (17.12.2020)

Fifth album by DEEP IMAGINATION. (16.10.2020)