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The new Video by DEEP IMAGINATION was shot on canarien island La Gomera. (16.10.2020)

Sucessful two track single: "In My Memory". (30.09.2020)

New single+video online. (21.08.2020)

A harbinger of the upcoming new album by DEEP IMAGINATION, which will be released in October. (23.07.2020)

New Ethnotronica album with new guest musicians expected to be released in 2020. (25.01.2020)

DEEP IMAGINATION shooting "In A Church" (21.01.2020)

"Carefully Kept Secrets" from the current album on "Pink Flow". (21.06.2019)

"A bewitching brew of ethereal goth and tribal-ambient soundscapes!" (04.06.2019)

The new single "Temple In Nowhere" on number 24. (02.05.2019)

Die neue Single von DEEP IMAGINATION

Enchanting world of artpop, gothic and ambient. (29.03.2019)