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"Underneath The Waves" wurde in der "Galerie Artlantis" gedreht

The new video "Underneath The Waves"

The new video by DEEP IMAGINATION was shot at "Galerie Artlantis". (14.01.2018)

At the end of DEEP IMAGINATION's "Carefully Kept Secrets" is the atmospheric "Underneath The Waves". It is the only instrumental on the album. With long, wave-shaped synthesizer sounds and pianos that sound almost as if under water, Thorsten Sudler-Mainz creates a dream-like atmosphere to which saxophonist Stefan Höllering sets fascinating, deep-sounding notes with jazzy tones. And with the gong dipped in water, elements such as metal and water are literally melted together musically. This is made visible with the artfully staged video "Underneath The Waves", which was shot in the 'Galerie Artlantis' in Bad Homburg/Germany. ( |

Press comment: "A highly melancholic instrumental!" (Eclipsed Rockmagazin)

The video on YouTube: