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"Longing For Peace" is out now

Another single from DEEP IMAGINATION around the album release. (25.09.2020)

With "Longing For Peace" BSC Music/Prudence releases another single from DEEP IMAGINATION around the album release "My Silent Celebration".

With slowly meandering ethnic percussion, magical sound scapes and ethereal singing, DEEP IMAGINATION transports with this composition a universal and deep longing for peace.

"Longing For Peace" is a timeless 'Cosmopolitan Music' that is understood by people all over the world. (BSC Music/ Prudence)

The new video "Longing For Peace", which was shot on canarien island La Gomera will be released with the new album on 16. October 2020


YouTube Music:

New photos series "Longing For Peace" online

DEEP IMAGINATION has published two new photo series to the single "Longing For Peace":

"Longing For Peace - Studio Shootings"

"Longing For Peace - La Gomera Landscapes"

The new album "My Silent Celebration" of DEEP IMAGINATION will be released in October 2020

DEEP IMAGINATION's fifth album comprises eight tracks, which were produced in 2 years of loving detail work in the band's own Imagination-Studio near Frankfurt/Germany.

Thorsten Sudler-Mainz presents an album that reflects his entire work and on which the German musician spans an arc from his beginnings in the 80s to the here and now.

With guest musicians Torsten "Hardy" Hartmann (voc), Ann Kareen Mainz (voc), Leon Mainz (voc), Oda Reiter (voc), Günter Kaufmann (git), Thorsten Rentsch (git), Achim von Raesfeld (git) and Stefan Höllering (sax)

The current video "In My Memory" gets more than 10.000 views on YouTube

Reactions from the world wide web:

"Excellent song and arrangement"

"This is a great song"

"Pink Floyd goes Tiamat......very great...."

"This is awesome!!!"

"Great song!"

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