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Imagination Studio 2018

New music by DEEP IMAGINATION in work

New music by DEEP IMAGINATION in work | Press comments | Top 3 videos (12.08.2018)


New music by DEEP IMAGINATION in work

DEEP IMAGINATION mastermind Thorsten Sudler-Mainz did a complete technical reset of his "Imagination Studio" and is now working on a new material, which will be published sometime in 2019.

Ann Kareen Mainz (vocals) and Günter Kaufmann (guitars) are also part of Deep Imagination again.

Reviews of the 'Wings to Fly (EP)' released in March 2018 have been published by Fireworks Rock magazine (UK) and Musikzirkus Magazin (D).


Press comments DEEP IMAGINATION - "Wings To Fly (EP)"

Prolific EP releasers DEEP IMAGINATION return with two tracks from their all too ‘Carefully Kept Secret’ LP. For the uninitiated, this outfit specialise in atmospheric, synth-based Electronica with enigmatic vocals... ‘Wings To Fly’ and ‘Paradise In Space’ are two wonderful examples of the soundscapes Deep Imagination create. The ‘Watching The Fire’ out-take follows a similar path, matching the mood superbly. (Stephen Reid, Fireworks Rock-Magazine/United Kingdom)

DEEP IMAGINATION - "Wings to Fly (EP)"

"Wings To Fly" has lost none of its epic mood in the single version... In addition, Thorsten has extended the track "Paradise In Space", also from the album "Carefully Kept Secrets", by more than a minute and a half, adding a gentle, spacey almost symphonic part... Günter Kaufmann plays in the outtake "Watching The Fire" a very nice melody line on the electric guitar...  This has something of voluminous Artrock. For me, this five-minute track is the highlight of the EP. (Stephan Schelle, Musikzirkus Magazin/Germany)

BSC Music Linkfire "Wings to Fly (EP)" including YouTube Play:

-Top 3 video-Clips by DEEP IMAGINATION from 2016 to 2018

"Carefully Kept Secrets" (2016)

Press comment video clip "Carefully Kept Secrets"

"Shot in cartoon-style black and white and at times sepia, the optical processing is somewhat reminiscent of early music videos. The nostalgic visual feel provides a contrast to the modern ambient music. Set against the backdrop of the Klosteruine Arnsburg and the use of static camera lends an atmospheric, soothing chillout mood." (Udo Herrmann)

"Carefully Kept Secrets":

Awake From A Dream (2017)

Press comment video clip "Awake From A Dream"

"Using a negative image that’s been colorized, Deep Imagination creates a dream state where the singers emerge out of a forest, intoning the mantra like lyrics “awake from a dream” as their images get alter color, like coming into, or out of another world... With choral voices, synthesizers, a David Gilmour-influenced guitar solo, shimmering percussion, “Awake from a Dream” sits comfortably in that mid-period Pink Floyd mold..." (Gillian Booth, echoes)

"Awake From A Dream":

Wings To Fly (2018)

Press comment video clip "Wings To Fly"

The last of a total of 7 videos therefore also seems like an encore, in which the artists once again appear in front of the curtain and present themselves to their audience. Unlike in the previous videos, which are more about the visual background of the music, you can see Thorsten Sudler-Mainz, the head of Deep Imagination in "Wings To Fly (single-version)" on the keyboards, his wife Ann Kareen Mainz and the singer Oda Reiter on the microphone and not least the excellent musician Günter Kaufmann on the guitar. At least on the screen, this creates the impression of a live concert, in which one would have liked to be there. (Udo Herrmann)

"Wings To Fly":