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DEEP IMAGINATION - Documentary 2023 - Part 1

New 3 minutes video with pictures from Imagination-Studio. (25.01.2023)

The new 3-minute video shows pictures of the recording in the band's own Imagination Studio and contains original sounds from the protagonists about DEEP IMAGINATION's current album project.

DEEP IMAGINATION - Documentary 2023 - Part 1 + 2

On the way to the album "The Children Of The Moon" Deep Imagination are in "Documentary 2023 | Part 1". When in 2020 the two old friends make music together again after more than 30 years, this rekindles an old fire. Mastermind Thorsten Sudler-Mainz decides to produce an atmospheric Darkwave album on which he can let the interplay of the guitars of the 80ties resound once again together with guitarist Achim von Raesfeld.

The video on YouTube: