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Prudence releases compilation "Secret and Mystery I"

DEEP IMAGINATION represented with four tracks. (13.05.2023)


Secret and Mystery I (Various Artists / Compilation)

A Prudence compilation by Robertson

For decades, the Prudence label, housed under the umbrella of German record label BSC Music, has been synonymous with the release of top-notch music productions and compilations from the electronica genre.

On the compilation "Secret and Mystery I", sensitively compiled by Robertson for Prudence Records, you will find the works of Prudence artists who stand for particularly atmospheric and also mysterious music, such as the congenial ambient duo project "Gleisberg & Bernd Scholl" and the electronic project "Deep Imagination".

Prudence acts like Dutchman Paul Heinermann, Enigma producer Gens Gad as well as sound painter Robert Simon Toma contribute further mystical sounding tracks to this highly successful compilation.

"Secret and Mystery I" is a relaxed, musical flow, in which the mysterious, longing and unfathomable flows into a warm deep lake.