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The new video "The Silence of Winterland" by DEEP IMAGINATION

The video clip to the album's "secret single". (14.02.2024)

The darkly romantic "The Silence of Winterland" was released in 2023 on the album "The Children Of The Moon" and is considered the album's "secret single".

Video information:

DEEP IMAGINATION | "The Silence of Winterland" (official video-clip) | Video-Info

"The Silence of Winterland" is a dark wave track that goes straight to the ear in its own enigmatic way - according to a review of Deep Imagination's latest album "The Children of the Moon". Another reviewer draws comparisons and places the music "between The Cure, The Chameleons and Cocteau Twins".

There is perhaps no better way to describe it, because these bands are among the 80s greats that have had a strong musical influence on composer and producer Thorsten Sudler-Mainz. In the new video clip, he once again appears together with his soulmate Achim von Raesfeld. The guitarist contributes melancholy tones on the acoustic, while background singer Ann Kareen Mainz once again shines with magical spoken words and echo sounds.

"The Silence of Winterland" is a darkly romantic love song. The lyrics deal with the inevitable transience of love and the fact that lovers reunite at some point after death in a cold paradise, the winterland.

A video clip by DEEP IMAGINATION, which the makers have once again produced with a lot of heart and passion and which comes up with impressive one-point-color images that, like the music itself, stay with you.

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