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One year of "The Children of the Moon" on May 19, 2024

Current album released a year ago. (19.05.2024)

When we draw an arc, we can mean an entire era or just one year. Today we do both.

Launched in 2005 by Thorsten Sudler-Mainz, the DEEP IMAGINATION project featured instrumental ambient music in its first phase until 2010, which was performed live at festivals such as the Electronic Circus Festival and the Bochum Planetarium.

In the 2010s, DEEP IMAGINATION's music developed further and several EPs and an album were released, on which a more floppy art rock-influenced atmospheric sound with guitars and vocals emerged.

On the 2020 album "My Silent Celebration", romantic darkwave sounds could be heard for the first time. With the album "The Children of the Moon", released in 2023, the German musician consistently went back to his roots. He projected his wave and post-punk experiences from the 80s into a current atmospheric work, which was released a year ago today.

Press comments:

Deep Imagination's ‘The Children Of The Moon’ is great dark wave cinema. (

"This album is like a black diamond throwing off improbable flashes of Selenite light." (Prog Censor)

"Between The Cure, the Chameleons and Cocteau Twins Deep Imagination once again reactivate the dark colored eighties." (Betreutes Proggen)

"In the course of the album, sound-painting wide canyons full of fantasy, subtlety and dreams open up." (Orkus Music Magazine)

"Dark wave and gothic wistfulness and positive melancholy has a new name: DEEP IMAGINATION." (


Linkfire "The Children of the Moon":


These four videos for titles from "The Children of the Moon" have been released so far:

Find Your Own Way (4:34)

Make the Moon Appear (4:50)

No Words to Say (4:33)

The Silence of Winterland (3:54)