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Contract with BSC Music/Prudence

(01. Juni 2010) -Contract with BSC Music/Prudence

-Album release August 27th 2010 -Awareness album trailer…


New video "Awareness Part 3 - Surroundings (Single Edit)" online on YouTube

(21. March 2011) A new video by DEEP IMAGINATION "Awareness Part 3 -…


Electronic Circus interview with DEEP IMAGINATION / ART OF INFINITY is online on YouTube

(13. January 2011) The interview conducted by Stefan…

(03. November 2010) New concert videos by DEEP IMAGINATIONs from Electronic Circus Festival 2010 are now online on YouTube:

Awareness - Breath-Space


New album "Awareness" our now

Download-Single "Surroundings" released

Live in concert at Electronic Circus Festival

(24. September 2010) The new…


Neuer Gastmusiker Matthias Krauss

(15. März 2010) New guest keyboarder in DEEP IMAGINATION is Matthias Krauss, who is also a regular guest musician…

Long interview in german language (14.02.2013)

"Surroundings" appears on Electronicage (20.01.2013)

DEEP IMAGINATION collaborates with CHAOTIC from California (22 June 2012)

Lufthansa Radio with DEEP IMAGINATION

Awareness most sucessful album

(16.10.2011) German Lufthansa plays the music of DEEP IMAGINATION worldwide on…