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Photos from the DEEP IMAGINATION shooting 2016, guest percussion-player Byron Metcalf and the latest video snap-shots. (03.10.2016)

"Carefully Kept Secrets" | Audio and Video (19.09.2016)

Three new tracks have been ready mixed. (03.06.2016)

Fourth longplayer by DEEP IMAGINATION (13.04.2016)

Current reviews. (08.01.2016)

First official video release by DEEP IMAGINATION. (25.11.2015)

BSC Music/Prudence releases three brand new tracks by DEEP IMAGINATION. (06.11.2015)

10 Years DEEP IMAGINATION / "DEEPER THAN TRANCE DEEPER THAN SPACE" coming in 2016. (16.04.2015)

Deep Imagination starts with new website. (01.01.2010)

Recordings in winter 2014/2015 (11.12.2014)