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Temple In Nowhere - Single (2019)

With the single "Temple In Nowhere" the German electronic project DEEP IMAGINATION heralds a new musical chapter.

With mysterious dark metaphors on the longing for distant paradises, mastermind Thorsten Sudler-Mainz creates a sound that takes the listener into an enchanting world of artpop, gothic and ambient.

A new video clip by DEEP IMAGINATION, shot on the Spanish island of Lanzarote, will be released at the same time as the single. Release date: 29.03.2019. (BSC Music / Prudence)

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Wings To Fly - EP (2018)

On the album "Carefully Kept Secrets" appeared the 17 minutes long track "Wings To Fly". In the press and radio the song was widely praised as the soul of the work. With the EP "Wings To Fly", DEEP IMAGINATION is releasing the single version of the successful longtrack.

In terms of content, "Wings To Fly" is about using one's wings to fly in analogy. "Atmospheric, Floydian, Cinematic", perhaps no other piece of the solo project of the German electro-musician Thorsten Sudler-Mainz fits better to this claim than "Wings To Fly". Atmospheric electronics with ethereal vocals in combination with driving tribal rhythms and floydian guitars make "Wings To Fly" a fascinating sound experience.

With "Paradise In Space (ep-version)", an impressive 10-minute album medley and the outtake "Watching The Fire", DEEP IMAGINATION concludes its most successful chapter yet with this EP. (BSC Music / Prudence)

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Carefully Kept Secrets (2017)

"Carefully Kept Secrets" is the fourth album of DEEP IMAGINATION, the solo project of Art Of Infinity founder Thorsten Sudler-Mainz.

In terms of content, it is about our dreams, the preservation of secrets and the search for solutions that everyone has to find for himself. Amongst others Ann Kareen Mainz (vocals), Günter Kaufmann (guitars) and US percussionist Byron Metcalf feature as guests.

The result is an ambient production, spiced with Pink Floydian elements and ethereal choir, with which DEEP IMAGINATION takes its sound to a new, complex level. (BSC Music/Prudence)

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Carefully Kept Secrets - EP (2016)

On "Carefully Kept Secrets" even more art rock elements come into play than before. Guitarist Günter Kaufmann contributes floydian sounds, as well as US-percussionist Byron Metcalf with gently drifting rhythms, as they can only have come from him.

The angelic voice of singer Ann Kareen Mainz and a surprisingly progressive composition lead the listener to the search for the guardian of the "Carefully Kept Secrets". As an extra with the 16-minutes long "Dancing With Ghosts (epic version)", there is also one non-album track. (BSC Music/Prudence)

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Dancing With Ghosts - EP (2015)

The captivating composition "Dancing With Ghosts" from Thorsten Sudler-Mainz blends Ambient, Art Rock and Gothic elements. Through the musical metaphors we are led by inner spirits which we can't deny.

The new single featuring the brilliant guest guitarist Günter Kaufmann and the three backing vocals of Ann Kareen Mainz, Tanja Bamberg and Oda Reiter, has been mixed by Thorsten Rentsch (Art Of Infinity) in Renaissance Studio Cologne. As an extra with the "Dancing With Ghosts (chillout version)" and "La Luna (b-side)", there are also two non-album tracks. (BSC Music/Prudence)

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Live at Electronic Circus Festival - EP (2011)

With the 4-track "Live at Electronic Circus Festival" Deep Imagination Mastermind Thorsten Sudler-Mainz releases the core parts of their celebrated performance at the Electronic Circus Festival in Bielefeld in September 2010. On this recording the magic atmosphere of this highly acclaimed gig in the packed club "Movie" is vividly captured.

There is a thrilling feel throughout the set, from the gentle electronics at the beginning to classic art rock in the mould of Pink Floyd. With "The Dragons Flight" German Keyboardist Sudler-Mainz together with his guests Thorsten Rentsch (keyboard, guit., perc.) and Stefan Höllering (tenor- and electro saxophone) also presents a tune from the repertoire of his other band Art Of Infinity.

Additionally "Live at Electronic Circus Festival" offers unique live-versions of tracks like "Clouds", "Sense" and (in the encore) "Breath-Space" from 2010s successful Deep Imagination album "Awareness". (BSC Music/Prudence)

Awareness (2010)

On the third album of his solo project Deep Imagination German composer/producer Thorsten Sudler-Mainz, known as founder of Art of Infinity, offers a very special brand of modern Electronica.

While the first two albums of Deep Imagination were dominated by mature Ambient music, on “Awareness”the listener is surprised by archaic rhythms and sounds. The ten tracks deal with diversefacets of human consciousness.

„Awareness“ is Instrumental electronic music, which finds a totally unique musical language – and sounds beautifully “warm” and sensual at the same time! (BSC Music/Prudence)

Surroundings (2010)

The first single by Deep Imagination includes "Awareness Part 3 - Surroundings (single edit)" as well as an exciting 10-minutes long medley of the album "Awareness".  

Gemstones (2008)

This 2nd opus by Deep Imagination, "Gemstones", proposes a collection of tracks recorded live and remixes of the 1st CD, Scapes (released in 2005), thus 2 new tracks (Planetary System and Gemstones). As well as the first album it appeared on CD at the Syngate label and later as a digital release on BSC Music/Prudence.

Scapes (2005)

Scapes, Deep Imagination's debut album from 2005, is a work within the frame of Space Ambient, full of poetry and beauty, which leads the listener to a world of wondrous soundscapes by means of the masterful use of synthesizers.

Each track is given an "elemental" title and constructed to evoke that spatial reality - Moon, Time, Mountain, Ocean, Sun, a/o. The result is strikingly powerful and breathtaking musically.

As well as the second album it appeared on CD at the Syngate label and three years later as a digital release on BSC Music/Prudence.