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2005: Thorsten Sudler-Mainz starts his solo projekt DEEP IMAGINATION. Debut album „Scapes" appears on Syngate Records, first concert performed at Satzvey Castle Festival in Germany together with guest musicians Thorsten Rentsch and Stefan Höllering.

2006: "Sound installation" and performance for the art exhibition "Flowers and Stone" at Galerie Artlantis in Bad Homburg/Germany.

2008: The second album "Gemstones" appears, again on Syngate Records, concert at Planetarium Bochum, publishing contract with BSC Music, digital-release of albums „Scapes" and „Gemstones" by BSC Music/Zebralution.

2009: "Sound installation" for the art exhibition "Zwischen Himmel und Erde", concert at Alte Kirche Hornau in Kelkheim, video installation for the art exhibition "Colours in Space".

2010: Record deal with BSC Music/Prudence and release of the third album "Awareness”, collaboration with keyboarder Matthias Krauss, concert at Movie in Bielefeld at Electronic Circus Festival.

2011: Release of the EP “Live at Electronic Circus Festival”, German Lufthansa choose "Awareness Part 3 - Surroundings" and "Awareness Part 4 - Tradition" for Lufthansa Lounge-Radio.

2015: Collaboration with German guitar player Günter Kaufmann and singer Ann Kareen Mainz. The EP "Dancing With Ghosts" appears. The videoclip of "Dancing with Ghosts (chillout-version") was released via Warner/Zebralution.

2016: Collaboration with US-percussionist Byron Metcalf. The EP "Carefully Kept Secrets" appears on 07. October 2016. Release of video clip "Carefully Kept Secrets".

2017: Release of the fourth album "Carefully Kept Secrets" and the videoclips "Paradise In Space", “Awake From A Dream”, “Before Thousand Of Years” and “Underneath The Waves”.

2018: The EP “Wings to Fly" and the videoclip "Wings To Fly (single-version)” were released. DEEP IMAGINATION concludes its most succesful chapter yet with this EP.

2019: Release of the single "Temple In Nowhere" and the video clip of the same name.

DEEP IMAGINATION musicians: Thorsten Sudler-Mainz (keyboards, vocals, guitar-scapes, frame drum, percussion and programming) with Ann Kareen Mainz (vocals), Günter Kaufmann (electric and acoustic guitars), Byron Metcalf (percussion), Matthias Krauss (keyboards), Stefan Höllering (saxophone), Thorsten Rentsch (guitar-scapes, keyboards, percussion), Oda Reiter (vocals), Tanja Bamberg (vocals) and Leon Mainz (vocals)