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New 3 minutes video with pictures from Imagination-Studio. (25.01.2023)

Sixth album by DEEP IMAGINATION. (13.01.2023)

Interview with Thorsten Sudler-Mainz released at (02.11.2022)

DEEP IMAGINATION releases "Find Your Own Way". (07.10.2022)

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"Shooting stage - Find Your Own Way" and "Pictures from the video - Find Your Own Way" are online. (03.10.2022)

A Prudence Records Compilation (26.08.2022)


New single to be released, new photo series "June Forest" is now online. (10.07.2022)

Final release around the album "My Silent Celebration". (24.06.2022)

DEEP IMAGINATION is number 25 in the Single Charts May 2022 of One World Music Radio. (31.05.2022)