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The musical history of Thorsten Sudler-Mainz

1963: Thorsten Sudler-Mainz was born on April 5th in Frankfurt am Main/Germany.

1969: First improvisations on a Pilips Philicorda organ.

1976: Discovered drums and guitar and founded his first band.

1982: Drums and guitar lessons. He plays as a drummer, guitarist and singer in various bands with styles ranging from Neue Deutsche Welle to gothic rock (Na Klar, The Mess, The Silent Waters); First live concerts.

1985: First keyboard, programming a drum computer.

1986: First studio recording in in Frankfurt am Main. Founds his first solo project L 'image Bleue and his first home studio.


1991: Plays drums in the band Young Man Afraid Of His Horses, first official single release on vinyl, plays live in the legendary club Batschkapp at Frankfurt am Main.

1994: Various productions appearing on cassette.

1996: Co-founder of the Ambient Music Project Art Of Infinity.

1997: As part of the Frankfurt electronic project Young Man Afraid Of His Horses, he produced a six-CD EP series from 1997 to 2002.

2000: Release of the first Art Of Infinity album New Horizon. First record contract with Peoplesound/London.

2002: Music composed by Thorsten Sudler-Mainz is used in documentary films on German television.

2004: Record and publishing contract with BSC Music, release of the second Art Of Infinity album Dimension Universe, from which pieces are published on international compilations.

2005: Deep Imagination plays live on Satzvey Castle Festival in Germany. Release of the Deep Imagination debut Scapes by german label Syngate.

2007: The second album Gemstones by Deep Imagination appears.

2008: Endless Future by Art Of Infinity is released. Digital release of the albums Gemstones and Scapes by Deep Imagination by BSC Music / Prudence. Deep Imagination plays live at the Planetarium Bochum/Germany.

2010: Signs a record deal with BSC Music/Prudence as Deep Imagination too. Releases his third solo album Awareness. Live concert with Deep Imagination at the Electronic Circus Festival in the Movie in Bielefeld/Germany.

2012: Release of the fourth album Raumwerk by Art Of Infinity, the band plays live at the Planetarium Bochum/Germany. After that the band is put on ice.

2013: Begins with a new conceptualisation and the production of a new Deep Imagination album.

2015: The EP Dancing With Ghosts by Deep Imagination appears.

2016: Publication of the Videoclip and the EP Carefully Kept Secrets.

2017: With Carefully Kept Secrets the fourth Longplayer of Deep Imagination appears.

2018: With the video clip Wings To Fly and the publication of the EP of the same name, Thorsten Sudler-Mainz concludes the chapter around the successful album Carefully Kept Secrets.

2019: The single "Temple In Nowhere" and the accompanying video clip are released. Thorsten Sudler-Mainz works on new material for the fifth album of Deep Imagination.


2020: The singles "In My Memory", "Longing For Peace" and the corresponding video clips are released. With "My Silent Celebration" the fifth album of Deep Imagination appears via BSC Music on the label Prudence.

2021: "In My Memory" by Deep Imagination appears on the CD sampler "Cold Hands Seduction Vol 225" of the Sonic Seducer music magazine, which is included in the February issue in an edition of several tens of thousands. The single+video clip "Coming From The Cold" appears. 

2022: BSC Music releases single edits of "Longing For Peace" and "Burning Sun". The video single "Find Your Own Way" is released. Music composed by Thorsten Sudler-Mainz plays in the in-flight program of Star Alliance airlines, including "Awareness Part 4 - Tradition" by DEEP IMAGINATION.

2023: On 19.05.2023 the sixth album "The Children of the Moon" by DEEP IMAGINATION appears. The videos "Make the Moon Appear" and "No Words to Say" are released. On the supplement CD "Empire Art Rock 152" of the German print music magazine Empire, DEEP IMAGINATION is featured with the longtrack "Beyond the Rising Sun" as opener.


2024: "The Silence of Winterland", the fourth video for the album "The Children of the Moon", is released.