The new video "The Silence of Winterland"

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Press commentary on the new album:

"This album is like a black diamond throwing off improbable flashes of Selenite light. A great success to be savoured without moderation." (Prog Censor)

"In the course of the album, sound-painting wide canyons full of fantasy, subtlety and dreams open up." (Orkus Music Magazine)

"Catching the Shadow" brings back memories of The Mission, Killing Joke or even darker gothic rock of the 80s." (Eclipsed Rock Magazin)

"Dark wave and gothic wistfulness and positive melancholy has a new name: DEEP IMAGINATION." (

"Between The Cure, the Chameleons and Cocteau Twins Deep Imagination once again reactivate the dark colored eighties." (Betreutes Proggen)

"The Children Of The Moon" is an ingenious synthesis of the arts." (

"It's like going back to the days of the British alternative scene and the so-called Batcave scene in London!" (Music in Belgium)

"The Magic Moon” and “The Silence Of Winterland” become unexpected sing alongs in their own enigmatic fashion." (Sea of Tranquility)