The new video "Temple In Nowhere"

  • Temple In Nowhere (example)

Comments to the new single

"That's a very chilled out and hypnotic groove right here." (GR)

"Great world vibe to this single." (OWMR)

"Warm, organic, very good". (LL)

"In its dark atmosphere this music is minimalistic, atmospheric and airy at the same time." (Music in Belgium)

Soundexamples of all four albums

  • Wings To Fly (Carefully Kept Secrets)

  • Awareness Part 4 - Tradition (Awareness)

  • Planetary System (Gemstones)

  • Oceanscape (Scapes)

Video "Wings To Fly (single-version)"

Press comments on the current album

The German artist brings together on a single album the know-how of several iconic bands of the atmospheric stage. (, BE)

Ann Kareen Mainz proves a wonderfully engaging vocal presence, whether she's adding sensual layers of voice or gently singing the lyrics. (Fireworks Magazin, UK)

Deep Imagination remains a fascinating sound experience, which will appeal to a wider audience. (Side-Line Music Magazine, BE)

The video to the title track of the current album "Carefully Kept Secrets"

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