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Secret & Mystery II

New Prudence compilation with "The Silence of Winterland"

Secret & Mystery II released. (17.11.2023)

DEEP IMAGINATION is represented with three tracks on the second part of "Secret & Mystery". In addition to the two tracks "Before Thousand of Years" and "Awake From a Dream" from the 2017 album "Carefully Kept Secrets", which were recorded with guest guitarist Günter Kaufmann on electric guitar, "The Silence of Winterland" is also a track from the current 2023 album "The Children Of The Moon".


1. Bernd Scholl - Fields of Eternity
2. Peter Mergener - Heart of Space
3. Gleisberg - Floating in Your Soul
4. Deep Imagination - The Silence of Winterland
5. Art of Infinty - Evolution Part I – The Beginning
6. Bernd Scholl - Leaves in the Wind
7. Deep Imagination - Before Thousand of Years
8. Bernd Scholl - Twilight Evening
9. Peter Mergener - Surroundings
10. Art Of Infiniy - Evolution Part 2 – The Creation
11. Gleisberg - Flying over Clouds
12. Art of Infinity - Evolution Part 4 – New Horizon
13. Deep Imagination - Awake From A Dream
14. Vamadeva - Cosmic Dream

Link Album:
Title: Secret and Mystery II
Artist: Various Artists
Publisher: Edition Uhle
EAN: 4015307694070
Licensed to YouTube by Zebralution (on behalf of Prudence Records)


The second part of the compilation series "Secret and Mystery" continues mysteriously and atmospherically. The ambient magic of Bernd Scholl resounds before electronic pioneer Peter Mergener celebrates floating space sounds. The atmospheric music of other artists such as Gleisberg, Deep Imagination, Art Of Infinity and Vamadeva leads the way through this expressive ambient compilation from the Prudence label.

It is the same spirit of harmony, atmosphere and the pursuit of the mysterious that unites the music of this family of artists and makes this highly accomplished compilation sound as if it was all of one piece.

"Secret and Mystery II" is music to reflect and dream, as magical as the sound of the mysterious.

The long video on YouTube:

Linkfire "Secret & Mystery II"