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Announcement of "Realm of the Raven" in Orkus music magazine. (03.07.2024)

Current album released a year ago. (19.05.2024)

Award for electronic music in Germany | Best national artist category. (27.02.2024)

The video clip to the album's "secret single". (14.02.2024)

An interview with DEEP IMAGINATION mastermind Thorsten Sudler-Mainz has been published in the German Empire music magazine issue 5/2023. (06.12.2023)

Secret & Mystery II released. (17.11.2023)

"No Words To Say" from the album "The Children Of The Moon". (25.10.2023)

Longtrack as opening track. (28.09.2023)

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For the first time in this form DEEP IMAGINATION played live. Photos and live videos now online. (03.09.2023)

Print magazine with story and review about "The Children of the Moon". (08.07.2023)